Do You Make Money Blogging?

do you make money blogging

Do You

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One of the questions I am asked quite a bit by friends and family is “do you make money blogging?”

The simple answer is yes.  The actual answer is a bit more complicated.

 I didn’t get into blogging to make money.  And I will continue to blog whether or not I ever make another cent.  I blog so my head doesn’t explode.  Seriously.

Head asplode
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But after a few months of blogging, I found out I could make a little bit of money.  At least enough to pay for my domain name and monthly blog hosting.  So I signed up with Social Spark, a company which links bloggers with companies who want sponsored posts, in which the company pays a fee for a post about their product (not a review).

I actively pursue leads on Social Spark, but other than that, I mostly just wait for offers to come to me or listen in the blogging groups I belong to, for leads that apply to things I am interested in.  For instance, I don’t blog about diapers.  Ever.

I also signed up with for pay-per-click advertising.  This is the ad block you see running in the upper right corner of my blog.  If you click on an ad you are interested in, I can earn a little bit of money (usually less than $2 a month).

In addition to the money I make from my blog (which mostly goes back into the blog), I also ghost blog for  In ghost blogging, I make about $8 a blog to write for corporate websites on whatever topic they request.  I can pick and choose the topics I am interested in and write them in my spare time.

And the last way I make money from my blog is through  I don’t make much, but if you click through one of my book links to buy something I get a small commission and, of course, if you purchase my book, Peace and Quiet: A Cautionary Tale, I get a percentage of the sales.

So do I make a lot of money from blogging and writing?  No.  Right now, it’s between $100-200 a month.  But it pays my blogging fees and gives me some “fun money” outside of my regular paycheck.

My advice: Don’t get into blogging to make money.  Get into blogging because you have something to say and you need to say it or…

Are you a blogger?  Why do you blog? Please leave your answer in the comments below.

This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on the links in this post and sign up or make a purchase, I will receive a commission.  Thank you for your support.

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  1. I am so happy to read your blogs,and “reviews”.Your perspective is fresh,haertfelt and I always come away from reading your posts feeling that I indeed learned something!Keep it up!

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