Deceived Book Review and Interview With Author Stephanie Nelson

Title: Deceived

Author: Stephanie Nelson

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: December 2011

Format: Kindle

Pages: 227 pages

About the Book:

The vampire drug, brew, nearly ruined Gwen Sparks’ life. Just when things started to get back to normal between her and Aiden, she is summoned by the North American Witches Council to their central city of Moon. A war is imminent between vampires and witches, and Gwen’s experiences with brew are being used to fuel the fire. She is about to discover just how powerful she is with the help of the ruggedly handsome Angel of Death and just how far some people will go to get what they want. Gwen is going to learn exactly what it means to be Deceived.


My Review:

I really enjoyed the first book in the Gwen Sparks series by Stephanie Nelson, Craved.  Getting to know Gwen and her friends Fiona, Micah, and especially Aiden (hubba, hubba), as well as learning all about the town of Flora and the interactions between different species in the paranormal world.  Gwen’s irreverent sense of humor and sensualistic nature made for some very compelling reading!!

 I was looking forward to reading Book 2, Deceived, and it was still a good read,  but much, much darker than Book 1.  Gwen learns the consequences of her run-in with the evil Ian Despereaux, is distrusted by the Witches Council due to her relationship with hunky Aiden, and has to learn to work with the Angel of Death. Along the way Gwen witnesses and is forced to experience some pretty horrific events which we the readers get to encounter right along with her, in pretty thorough detail. It was a little too much for me.

Deceived was not quite to my taste, but it was still a good read with lots of excitement and unexpected twists.  My rating: 3 1/2 witch’s cauldrons!!

About the Author:

Unlike most authors, Stephanie Nelson didn’t dream of becoming a writer. Her interest laid in photography. It wasn’t until four years ago when she picked up her first paranormal romance book and fell in love. Books became her addiction and the local bookstore her favorite place to visit. It wasn’t long before her own stories began to form and nag her to try her hand at writing. After countless attempts, Stephanie ended up giving up on writing for a while. But her imagination wouldn’t allow her to quit. Deciding to give it another shot, Stephanie began to write the Gwen Sparks series. The first book in the series, Craved was published seven months later and reached #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list and #6 on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list.

Stephanie resides in the Midwest with her husband and their furry children. When she manages to pull herself away from the computer, she enjoys traveling, fishing, playing board games and spending time with her family.

Interview with the Author:

TM: What draws you toward writing paranormal romance?

SN: I like the uniqueness of it all. Since paranormal creatures are completely fantasy there are no rules. I like the freedom of being able to create my own back story to vampires, witches and werewolves.

TM: What gave you the idea for Craved  and Deceived?

SN: I’ve always loved witches, and with the huge vampire craze the idea of vampires and witches being enemies peaked my interest. I just had to figure out why they’d be enemies. Well since vampires drink blood, I figured witches blood would taste different, perhaps be a drug of sorts due to the magic within it. Because of this the vampires crave their blood, hence making them enemies. I liked the idea of Gwen falling for someone who is supposed to be an enemy and seeing if their relationship could withstand such a burden. As for Deceived, it was really just a  continuance of the vampires craving the witches blood.

TM: I see that photography is your first love. Are there any similarities between photography and creative writing?

SN: I’m not really into photography anymore. I don’t have the time now. But I use to love it. I had a Nikon D50 SLR camera that I adored, but ending up selling because it collected more dust than pictures. One of my very first jobs was working at a portrait studio, and I thought that’s what I’d do with the rest of my life. But I caught the writing bug and the now I”m more focused on books than pictures.

TM: Tell us about your writing routine.

SN: I have a small office that I ended up redecorating and claiming as my own. I turn on music and just start writing. I know that sounds simple, but it’s the truth. Even on days that I’m not inspired to write, I still do it. After a few paragraphs I get sucked into the story and it all flows freely from that point on. I never plot or plan my books. I think you lose a lot of the surprise that way. I allow my characters to direct me through their actions and responses. I always start a book knowing the main plot points but that’s all. I learn about the story as I get further into it.

TM: Please tell us about your upcoming projects.

SN: Right now I am working on Coveted, Gwen’s 3rd book, and Embracing the Wolf which is the 2nd book in my Anna Avery series. I am also part of an anthology that will be releasing in October.

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I was provided a free copy of the book for the purposes of review thanks to Promotional Book Tours. All opinions are my own.

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