The master bedroom closet at our new house is quite a bit smaller than the one at our old house. Half of Art’s clothes are laying on my hope chest. He has to dig through the pile just to find something to wear.  We decided it was time to make more room in the closet (at least so we can shut the door).

While I was weeding through old clothes, I started reminiscing about some of the special events I had attended while wearing them.  I found the oldest thing in my closet, a Japanese kimono.

clothes are my historyI was given this kimono back in 1977.  My family hosted exchange students from Japan that summer.  At the end of the hosting period, all the students put on a show for the host families.  Our two students dressed me in one of their kimonos and then gave it to me as a gift when they left.

clothes are my historyNext I found my pink Hawaiian shirt from 1985 (I called it my Magnum P.I. shirt):

clothes are my historyHere I am wearing it that year.  Look what a baby I was!!

clothes are my historyNext is the dress I wore to my 10 year high school reunion:

clothes are my historyAnd here I am wearing it at the reunion:

clothes are my historyThis is not my favorite photo, but to my defense, this was only 8 months after Bud was born.

Here’s the dress I wore to Art’s 20th reunion.  We call it the “Maui” dress because that’s where we bought it:

clothes are my historyAnd here I am wearing it back in 2004:

clothes are my historyAnd finally, the first dress I bought when I was heavy to make myself feel pretty:

clothes are my history

 And here I am wearing it – 23 pounds down.  I had to cinch it with a belt so it would still fit:

clothes are my history

 It’s amazing how my clothes can tell my story!!

What about you?  Do you hang on to any of your old clothes?  What stories do they tell?

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