Celebrate Mom with a Gift of Love – Mother’s Day Donation Roundup

Have you ever asked your mom what she wanted for her birthday, or Christmas or Mother’s Day?  If she’s anything like my mom she probably said something like, “Knowing you love me is all the present I need.”  Now while that’s a very sweet sentiment and I very much appreciate that my mom doesn’t expect a gift (and really, she can afford to buy herself whatever she needs), I would still like to show her just a small token of how much I love and admire her.  What to do?

I have found that my mom is very moved by a donation to a charity on her behalf.  I bet your mom would like that too!!  Following is a list of just a few of the charities I’ve highlighted recently and how they are helping celebrate mom this Mother’s Day!!Mother's Day Donation

  • WaterAid America – for a donation as low as $25, you can pay for one person in one of the world’s poorest countries to gain access to safe, clean water and sanitation for life. In addition, you can print a Mother’s Day card that includes the details of your gift.Mother's Day Donation
  • Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation – in honor of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s 25th anniversary this year and Mother’s Day, they want to challenge everyone to help them raise the funds that would allow 2,500 women to get tested for HIV. Your $19 donation in honor of your loved one enables one new mother to get tested, and you can send your loved one an e-card!
  • Unicefyour gift of $20.75 will provide 3 children with nets treated with long-lasting insect repellent to protect them from mosquitoes and other biting insects.  They also have a list of other Mother’s Day-inspired gifts.
  • Mother's Day DonationOpportunity International launched its  Invest in One, Honor Mom campaign leading up to Mother’s Day. This campaign will celebrate the strength and resilience of moms and women everywhere with a digital quilt comprised of patches purchased by the public to honor influential women in their lives.
    With gifts starting at $5, individuals can select from one of 20 patch designs or create their own and dedicate it to a special woman with an honorary message. Each tribute patch donated can be shared digitally and will be added to Opportunity’s virtual quilt, symbolizing a community of empowerment and opportunity.
  • Mother's Day DonationAnd if you just have to buy your mom something tangible, why not shop at 1000 Shillings? Each product sold on 1000 Shillings is unique to the website and sold as a limited edition piece.  When you buy a piece of jewelry or a scarf from 1000 Shillings your money is going to help the women they work with to start their own small businesses with the ultimate goal of empowering them to stand alone as small business owners and be able to support their families.


With all the choices available, what will you give your mom this Mother’s Day?  There are so many charitable possibilities, I think I will tell my kids, “Your love is all the gift I need,” and see what they come up with!!