5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so it is time to think about what kind of gift you want to get for your guy. Believe it or not, women are not the only ones who love receiving gifts on this romantic holiday; men love it too. It is important to really put thought into the gift you buy him to show him how much you love and care for him. Here are five unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.

A Nice Bottle of Whiskey

If your man likes drinking whiskey, consider getting him a nice bottle that he can enjoy. Do not just buy him the cheapest brand you can find; spend the money on a more expensive bottle. Go to your local liquor store and ask one of the employees to help you pick out the best bottle of whiskey that the store carries.

Sports Equipment

A lot of men love to play sports, even when they get older. If your guy is pretty athletic and into sports, you should think about getting him sports equipment for Valentine’s Day. For example, if he enjoys tennis, consider getting him a couple of new rackets so that the two of you can play together.

Professional Massage

What guy wouldn’t love to receive a massage from a professional for his Valentine’s Day gift? Consider buying your man an hour long massage at one of the massage parlours in your area. He can spend the hour just relaxing as the massage therapist tackles all his pressure points. When the massage is done, he will feel so relaxed and happy.

Concert Tickets

If your guy loves music, getting him concert tickets for Valentine’s Day is a great idea. Think about the type of music he enjoys and buy him a pair of concert tickets to a concert you know he wants to see. If you do not like the band, encourage him to go with one of his guy friends. He will love it even more if you do not pressure him to use the extra ticket on you.

Self Portrait

Giving your man a self-portrait is a very simple gift idea, but it is also one of the more thoughtful. He can put a framed photo of you next to his bed so that he can wake up to your pretty face each morning. If you do not have any decent photos of yourself, ask a friend to take a nice picture of you. You can also consider taking a professional photo with a photographer. It will cost you a little extra money, but it will be worth it. Also, make sure to put it in a beautiful frame. For example, you can try to find a frame that has the words “I love you” written on it.Whether you decide to get your man a self-portrait or sports equipment for Valentine’s Day, he will love it. As long as your gift comes from the heart, he will not care how much money you spent on it.

About the author: 

Kanya O’Brien writes several blogs that attracts readers from a broad region. She provides advice to both genders about unique gift and date ideas that surprise partners. She recently suggested Flowers For Everyone to be a reputable online florist in Australia as she has received positive feedback about their services.

Agree to Disagree – Is That the Question?

Given the current political climate, it seems that everyone has a candidate or issue about which they are unwilling to bend.  I see it in the candidate’s debates, in Senate floor speeches, and even in casual conversation.  This “my way or the highway” approach has me a little perplexed.  What ever happened to compromise?

Merriam-Webster defines compromise as:

a: settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions

b: something intermediate between or blending qualities of two different things
or as my friend Julie says, “Sometimes we need to look at a compromise as both sides winning instead of a lose-lose situation.”
agree to disagree
Compromise is one of the first things we teach our children when they are playing with their friends.  Johnny wants to play with the truck, but so does Sally.  We might say, “Let Johnny play with it for 15 minutes, then Sally can play with it.”  Or we might try to find a way for them to play with the truck together (cooperative play).  Why for goodness’ sake can’t we apply this same principle to politics and social issues?
But Teressa, you say, there are some issues I am not willing to compromise.  I get that.  It might be abortion, gay rights, the death penalty, or whatever.  Sometimes our issues of personal morality conflict with someone else’s issues of personal morality. Obviously we can’t dictate another person’s morality, so then what?
agree to disagreeThis is where, I believe, the principle of “agree to disagree” comes in to play.  According to Wikipedia, John Wesley was the first person to put the phrase “agree to disagree” in print.  He used it in reference to his friend, George Whitefield.  Wesley and Whitefield both helped found the Methodist church,  Although they had differing views on salvation, they were still very good friends.  In a letter to his brother Charles, after Whitefield’s death, John Wesley said:
If you agree with me, well: if not, we can, as Mr. Whitefield used to say, agree to disagree.
Or again, from my very astute friend, Julie:
By agreeing to disagree you have reached a compromise of sorts. You have come to an understanding of where someone else stands and respect them enough to not continue to try and change their minds.
To our politicians, I suggest that “agree to disagree” may be used temporarily in the event of an impasse.  Call it a timeout while both sides cool down.  Discussion on the topic can then be resumed at a future date.  “Agree to disagree” is not a quick-fix solution, by any means, and it is hard to be patient when we are trying to change injustice, but in a civilized society, it can be a useful tool for eventual change.
What do you think? Are you willing to agree to disagree? Let me know in the comments.