California Dried Plums Help Support Bone Health #CADriedPlums #ad

California driedplumsAs I get older, and head into menopause, I am very conscious of the dangers of osteoporosis.  I have a yogurt every morning with breakfast.  I take my calcium supplement.  But I am also on the lookout for better ways to support my bone health through nutrition.

I was impressed to find out that California Dried Plums have some amazing bone health benefits. Did you know we should all eat a daily serving of dried plums (prunes)?

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Research suggests that eating two servings, (about 100grams or 10 to 12 dried plums), may improve bone mineral density (BMD) and slow the rate of bone turnover in post-menopausal women. Source:
  • New research shows eating half that amount, just slightly more than one serving, about 50 grams or 5 to 6 dried plums), may help maintain bone loss in post-menopausal women. Source:
  • Vitamin K helps improve calcium balance and promotes bone mineralization. A 40gram serving of dried plums (4-5 prunes; about 100 calories) is considered an excellent source of Vitamin K, which provides 30% of the 80mcg Daily Value.
  • Incorporating California dried plums as a regular part of nutritious food choices may support healthy bones. They contain vitamins and minerals such as potassium, copper, boron and vitamin K which may have bone protective effects.

california dried plumsWhile we’ve known about dried plum’s nutrient profile with fiber and potassium, we are just beginning to learn about the benefits of other bioactive compounds such as phenolic compounds that may have general health-promoting benefits in the microflora (or microbiome) of the digestive tract and more. In addition, dried plums may help manage weight through improved satiety perhaps by producing lower glucose and/or appetite-regulating hormone concentrations.

I was sent a few samples of California Dried Plums and I was surprised at how juicy they were, with just the right amount of sweetness. Not at all what I remembered from my childhood.

Won’t you join me in adding plums to your nutrition plan? Your bones will thank you 🙂

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