Transgender Day of Visibility #TransVisibility

Today, March 31, is Transgender Day of Visibility – a time to celebrate and show support for all trans people. But today is also about empowerment and education. Here are some posts I've made over the years, about our daughter, Boo, and our journey, with her, to discover her true self.  I've also included some … Continue reading Transgender Day of Visibility #TransVisibility

Cottage Pie In Pastry Crust

I was making my weekly meal plan and trying to figure out what to do with not quite a pound of ground beef.  "What about a shepherd's pie?" I asked the room. "Shepherd's pie sounds awesome!" raved Bud. "I love a good crust." "But Bud," I replied, "shepherd's pie doesn't have a crust." "I bet … Continue reading Cottage Pie In Pastry Crust