An Independent’s Lament

independent lament

Caught in the middle,

I stand alone.

Not conservative enough for some; not liberal enough for others.

Not swayed by emotion in the political, but the practical,

I stand alone.

“Don’t you agree?” my friends ask hopefully after their latest rant.

I smile mysteriously and change the subject.

I stand alone.

No, I will NOT tell you who I am voting for.

My vote is my right and my own.

I stand alone.

I will not vote for expediency or because a person is “going to win anyway.”

I will not vote for a person because of the color of their skin or their gender.

I stand alone.

I will vote my conscience, which may not be the same as yours.

I do not think less of you for voting differently, why should you think less of me?

I stand alone.

-Teressa Morris, 2016

The Trial of Garrett Palmer Book Blast

trial garret palmer
trial Garrett Palmer sits before the judge, confident the prosecutor has no hard evidence to lock him up. He is dedicated to his organization, the Atlanta Crime Network, so the possibility of prison time is a fair price to pay to maintain its clean reputation. As adopted son of a network patriarch, Garrett takes the organization’s creed—to never turn your back on the “family”—very seriously.

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terranceAbout the Author:

Terrance J. Pinckney was born on July 25 in The Bronx New York. After graduating high school he and his family moved to Atlanta, GA where he currently resides. Terrance holds a MBA from the New York Institute of Technology and is currently enrolled in Seminary School at Luther Rice College. After spending over a decade in Corporate America, Terrance decided to pursue his literary passion after being laid off. Having published his second book along with his recent enrollment into Seminary, Terrance seeks to write stories that have a spiritual message which he hopes to share with readers. In the month’s to come, Terrance’s next release will be the first book of a trilogy which he believes will present a new take on spiritual fiction/adventure.

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