City of Copper and Cruelty Book Blast and Giveaway (ends 6/22)

CrueltyofCopperbannerCityofCrueltyandCopperThe year is 3305CE | 1305TE Nuclear bombs destroyed earth. But a small group of survivors Escaped to Antarctica Under the permafrost Fable Ketterling was fifteen When the bombs went off She was fifteen when She and her parents escaped She was fifteen when she found The fountain of youth She was fifteen when the fountain MADE HER IMMORTAL SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE

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Meet the author:

Rhiannon is a booksmith from the middle of nowhere, Canada. She holds a PhD in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology, which is to say she happens to know a lot about what goes bump in the night. When she’s not writing she’s singing karaoke, burning dinner, and hiding her superhero identity. She’d like to own a unicorn one day, as long as it doesn’t eat her. You’ll find her sipping iced cappuccino despite her allergy to coffee at

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3 Replies to “City of Copper and Cruelty Book Blast and Giveaway (ends 6/22)”

  1. No I would not want to be immortal. But I also believe anybody can have things happen in their life to happen. Example: I lost my husband at the age of 24, I wrapped my life around my kids and church. My daughter lost her husband 3 years ago, She just don’t seem like my daughter, I’ve said a many time “I believe they switched my baby” I know better but I just don’t know what to do for her, she already gone through all the insurance money and that makes me sad because she has a lot of years left to raise her 2 children.

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