Anxiety Triggers

anxiety triggersI have talked in the past about my issues with anxiety (Comfortable in My Own Skin).  Over the past year or so I have learned how to handle my anxious thoughts and feelings, to some extent.

Last month, after Art and I had our mini vacay at 3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club, I realized that I needed to get a few more tools to help me deal with my anxiety.  One of the few things left that can completely paralyze me is fear of conflict.  While we were at the resort, we had a couple of problems.  Each time Art diplomatically approached the management, who very graciously handled our problems.  But each time something went wrong I was afraid to go with Art to the office.  I was so afraid that someone would get mad at us.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but there it was.

So last week I met with a psychiatrist for the first time by myself (I have met with counselors in the past and seen a psychiatrist with a family member, but never for myself.)  The woman I met with was so friendly and open.  It was easy to relax with her.  She asked me about some of my anxiety problems and how I had been dealing with them.  I told her some of my tricks but that I mostly “power through” and usually the anxiety passes.  She told me I have a lot of good tools, but she suggested an anxiety class would help.  I was given a referral to a six week support group.

How crazy is it to send a person who is afraid of other people to an anxiety support group?  It took a lot of self-convincing for me to go to the first class.  I got permission to get off a half hour early from work so I would have plenty of time to get to the class.  Then I had Art pick me up at work and drop me off at class so I would be, in essence, “stuck” there.

I was pretty confident as I sat in the waiting room, but once the moderator called us into the classroom, my symptoms started.  First, the room was unbearably warm to me.  However, I noticed everyone was wearing sweaters and no one else seemed to be uncomfortable.  I was the only person in a skirt and I worried about how I sat in the chair.  Halfway through I had to pee, but I was afraid to leave the room or tell the instructor.  The minutes ticked by and I forced myself to listen to the description of panic symptoms (have had most of them at some point and probably had 2 or three that night).

At least once I thought I would cry.  I had cried after my psychiatrist appointment, just because I think it stirred up a lot of feelings I had pushed down for a long time.  During class, I started tearing up because even though I know I have come a long way, I felt like the craziest person in the room.  Most of the other people in the group had just started having panic attacks and anxiety triggered by a recent traumatic event.  I have had anxiety since I was 3 and panic attacks for the past 18 years.

At the very end, we did about 5 minutes of deep breathing exercises.  Finally I started to relax.  By the end, I was able to joke with the instructor, and actually left the room in a great mood.  I will definitely be going back to the rest of the classes and I hope it will be a little easier every time.

Do you have anxiety?  What are some ways you cope?


3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club Review Revisited – South Lake Tahoe

Check out my original review of 3 Peaks from May 2012.

Last month, I really needed a getaway.  Art did a little bit of work installing security cameras for my boss and we ended up with some bonus money.  Art thought we might get a good deal on a room if we booked over Easter weekend.  We looked at a few casinos in Reno, but we mainly just wanted to relax.  Then Art checked out our old friend, 3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club.  We were able to get a Deluxe King room with fireplace for $227.40 for 3 nights, including tax.  Over a holiday weekend, it was a great deal!!

The first room we were given had no table and chairs.  Not a big deal to some, but since I didn’t want to blog from the bed, it was a problem for us.  We asked for a different room and were upgraded for free to a studio suite.   The studio suites are very nice, with the upgrades of a full kitchen and balcony.  I didn’t get any photos of our room though, because we only spent one night there.  Then, some guests moved in next door with a chihuahua (one of the benefits of 3 Peaks is that every room is pet friendly).  Our “neighbors” left in the afternoon, but left their little dog behind, for over 6 hours.  And he barked and barked and barked.  The management attempted to contact the dog’s owners, but they never responded.

So we were moved again.  This time to a parlor suite, which is technically a slight downgrade from the studio suite, but we actually preferred it.  We had two rooms, so if one of us wanted to sleep, the other could shut the door and use the “front room”, bathroom and kitchen without disturbing the sleeper.  Here’s some pics:

3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club Review
The cute little kitchen
3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club Review
View from the couch in front room

There are so many fun and inexpensive things to do around Lake Tahoe.  Our biggest concern was rest and relaxation, so one day we just hung out in the area, drove over to the Tahoe Keys and did a little shopping.  We were within walking distance of the Stateline Casinos, so we kept plenty busy!!

The next day we drove around the lake.  It takes a little over two hours to drive around, assuming no stops.  But of course, we had to make stops!!

3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club Review
This was our view for lunch


3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club Review
Taking a walk down by the lake
3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club Review
View from the crest near Emerald Bay

Of course, for our final night, we had to go to dinner at the buffet at the top of Harrah’s.  The views are incredible and we were lucky enough to get a window seat.

3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club Review
View from the top of Harrah’s

After a fun-filled day, it was so nice to go back to our room and relax in the soaking tub for two:

3 Peaks Resort and Beach ClubAnd the piece de resistance :

3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club ReviewAs before, the staff was super-friendly and extremely accommodating.  The room was very comfortable and clean, although it could have used a little updating.  For the price and location, though, I have no complaints.  I give 3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club four and a half dog barks Arf!! Arf!! Arf!! Arf!! Ar–

You can make reservations for 3 Peaks by visiting or calling 530-544-1480.