Pami Pocket Cell Phone Pouch Review

One of my favorite activities is walking. I like to walk with Art or Boo and/or the dogs, and once in awhile I even enjoy walking alone.  My biggest question before I take a walk is where am I going to put all my stuff?  If I’m walking alone I need at the bare minimum my cellphone, earbuds, inhaler, tissue, cough drops, identification, and a little cash (just in case).

My purse zips out into a backpack, but that’s really more than I need for a walk, and a little bulky to boot.  I usually stuff everything in either my pants’ pockets or jacket pockets, or somebody else’s pockets (if walking with Art or Boo).  This is not particularly comfortable, plus when I was walking alone and listening to music everytime I leaned the wrong way I pulled the earbuds out of the audio jack by accident, because my clothes bend with me.

Enter the Pami Pocket cell phone pouch. Pamela French came up with the idea for the Pami Pocket while she was working in her backyard.  Wearing cutoffs and a bikini top, there was no place for Pamela to store her cell phone, which she was constantly losing.  She used a round coin purse on a long string until that wore out, then had her husband sew her a black pouch in his upholstery shop.  Soon everyone she knew wanted one and thus the Pami Pocket was born.

Here’s what my Pami Pocket looks like:

Pami Pocket front Pami Pocket rear

Pami Pocket has a nice long cord, that’s soft so it won’t irritate your neck.  The pouch itself is big enough to fit an iphone, and it’s water resistant, so you can take it to the beach or pool (just don’t take it in the beach or pool 😉

Here’s what it looks like fully stuffed with everything I need for a nice long walk:

Pami Pocket stuffed top view Pami Pocket stuffed side viewSee how roomy it is?  I  could fit all my stuff inside!!  And with my phone in the outside pocket, I can see who calls or texts and easily plug my earbuds in to the audio jack.  And the whole thing is so light, I barely even notice it’s there.  I love my Pami Pocket!!

The Pami Pocket cell phone pouch comes in a variety of colors and patterns and you can even it get it blinged with your initial or other select designs.  Price ranges from $14.99-$19.99.

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I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

16 Replies to “Pami Pocket Cell Phone Pouch Review”

  1. Looks like a nice little pouch. 🙂 Carrying a big heavy purse all the time is a pain in the tush!

  2. This is so amazing! I love it! I don’t walk nearly as much as I should and this would be perfect for just a quick trip to the store instead of lugging the purse around!

  3. This is such a great product. I could definitely use it. I always use clutches but they never are able to hold my phone which results in it being dropped numerous times.

  4. This looks so convenient! I hate my huge mommy purse for when the kids and I go somewhere it would be nice to have something smaller for when the hubby and I go somewhere alone. 🙂

  5. I’m going to have to get one of these. They’re great! It would be so nice for me while walking my puppy.

  6. I will have to get one of these to use this summer. We go to the pool a lot and I dont wamt to bring my purse this is small enough I can easily hide it underneath towels. This would also work great at theme parks,casinos and so much more.

  7. I need this for when I go walking. I don’t always want to carry my purse or diaper bag around.

  8. This would be perfect for me. I like to walk too and always struggle to find some where to stash my stuff.

  9. That is my problem every morning when I want to run. My running short has pocket but not good enough since I am running. It is safer on that pouch. i use to run extra miles that is why I have to bring money and cellphone for emergency.

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