Cephrael’s Hand Book Review

Title: Cephrael's Hand Author: Melissa McPhail Series: A Pattern of Shadow and Light (Book 1) Genre: Epic Fantasy Publisher: Five Strands Publishing Release Date: September 2010 Format: Kindle/Hardcover/Paperback Pages: 654 pages About the Book: "All things are composed of patterns..." And within the pattern of the realm of Alorin, three strands must cross: In Alorin...three hundred years … Continue reading Cephrael’s Hand Book Review

Chris Mann #Roads Review

Title: Roads Author: Chris Mann Genre: Pop Label: Republic Release Date: November 2012 Format: CD/Digital About the CD: Roads boasts a wildly eclectic assortment of songs, ranging from Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind” and Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” to “Ave Maria” and Damien Rice’s “The Blowers’ Daughter,” with the latter featuring a special … Continue reading Chris Mann #Roads Review