Old House = Old Pipes = Plumbing Problems

When we moved into this house in 1993, we never dreamed of the “joys” that come with an older house.  Built in 1952, with a flat roof and a slab foundation, the houses in our neighborhood were slapped up quickly to accommodate those flush with money after WWII ended.  They were never intended to last.  Old house = old pipes = plumbing problems.

We’d lived here less than 5 years before it happened.  The laundry sink backed up.  Not too big a deal.  Except that the laundry sink, garage sink, kitchen sink and back bathroom shower are all connected.  For the first day we tried using drain cleaner, but that didn’t really help.  Then Art bailed all the water out of the garage sink and snaked out the cleanout under it.  That worked for a little while, but after the first load of laundry we were backed up again.  So I got the bright idea to try to snake out the cleanout under the laundry sink while Art was at the gym. I put a bucket under it to catch the excess water, then poured the water into the back toilet, but I accidentally flushed the plug for the cleanout.  Which, of course, made the back toilet unusable until Art could take it apart and get the plug out.

After that we decided it would probably be a good idea to call a plumber (you think?).  The next day when the plumbing professional arrived, I explained to him the steps we had already taken.  I give the man a lot of credit for never even cracking a smile.  He asked me if we had a cleanout in the backyard.  I wasn’t positive of the exact location, but I took him out to the back patio.  Fortunately, he found the cleanout easily and brought in a giant electric snake.  It ran for 5 minutes or so and I could see the black goo in the garage sink slowly receding.

Once the drain was clear, the plumber plugged the sink and filled it near the top with water.  Then he reached in and pulled out the plug.  “Come look at this,” he called me with a big smile plastered across his face.  I walked over to the sink and peered inside.  “Look at that vortex!!” he crowed.  Love that plumber!!

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