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Recently I started putting together a book on bullying.  I pulled together all my posts on the bullying and cyberbullying that Bud and Boo dealt with over the years, solicited first person stories, and set a Google alert for “bully”.  My problem was that I wasn’t sure how to organize all that information short of printing it all out and creating folders.  Certainly bookmarks are not adequate for that sort of arranging.

Then I discovered .clipix.  Clipix is a new, free service that allows you to save everything you find online and want to come back to.  Here’s a video explanation:

It’s easy to sign up for clipix with either Facebook, Twitter, or just your email address.  Next you drag the “Clip” button to the bookmarks toolbar in whatever browser you are using.  The “Clip” button works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and there’s even an Iphone app. When you find an article or photo or recipe that you like, just click the “Clip” button and a box will pop up asking which clipboard you want to save it to.  You can choose from one of the premade clipboards or create some of your own.  If there’s no photo on the page you’re looking at, you can type in a title instead of choosing a photo to represent your clip.

Here’s a clipboard I created of my Oscar picks for 2012:

Oscar Picks 2012 Clipix

You can make clipboards for anything you can think of: favorite, recipes, housecleaning tips, vacation ideas, etc.

To organize my bullying articles, I used the clipix multiboard function.  I created different boards for the different aspects of the book and gathered them all together into one multiboard.  Here’s a screenshot:

Bullying Multiboard Clipix

Another nice thing about clipix is privacy settings.  For my bullying multiboard I set the privacy settings to “Only Me”.  For my Oscar picks I set the privacy to “Everyone.”

If you are working on a project with a group of people, say a family reunion, and you all want to share ideas, you can set up a syncboard in clipix.  When anyone who shares a syncboard adds a clip to it, everyone else who collaborates on that syncboard will see the new clip in real-time.

If you sign up for clipix, be sure to friend me – I love to share ideas!!  You can reclip or comment on friend’s clipboards and share your own clips on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

What would you use clipix to organize?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Clipx.  All opinions are 100% my own.
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