Giving Thanks

When the kids were little, in addition to their nightly prayers we also asked them a question every night, “What are you happy for?”  The answer had to reflect something that directly related to that day.  Some nights they didn’t want to play the game and we would get answers like “I’m happy I’m going to bed” or “I’m happy this day is over.”  Sometimes they were happy for a new video game or a visit with a favorite friend.

Art and I were not exempt from the game.  Often we really had to rack our brains to come up with one thing to be happy for.  After awhile we started to realize that there are many small things in a day for which we can give thanks.

As Bud and Boo got older and age and activities made it so there was no one bedtime for everybody, we slowly moved away from our nightly tradition.  Circumstances changed in our lives and we became so busy running our new business that we forgot to give thanks for all the blessings we had.

Today our lives are not great.  Every day is a struggle both monetarily and emotionally.   I’ve decided it’s time to reinstate “what are you happy for?”  I’ll go first:

Today I am happy for my husband, my sons, my family and friends, our puppy and big dog, a house to live in, food in the pantry.

What are you happy for?

All who take refuge in Him (God) are happy. – Psalm 2: 12b

Letters to Myself

One of the things I’ve learned in my weight loss journey is that weight loss is about so much more than putting down the fork and picking up a jump rope.  For me, a lot of being able to lose the weight has been about learning forgiveness and forgetting fear, which I have mentioned in previous blogs (see  No Punishment; No Fear). One resource that has helped me in this process is A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever.  It’s a little new-agey, but putting that aside, there are some excellent points. Chapter 2 of the book asks the reader to write a letter from their thin self to their “not-so-thin” self and vice-versa.  Here are my letters:

Dear Not-So-Thin Me,

I am so grateful to you for the protection you gave me and for the comfort you found for me when life was more than I could handle.

But now I’ve learned that I am so much stronger than I thought I was.  I don’t need to hide behind a layer of fat anymore and I don’t need the comfort that you provide.  These days I turn to God, my family and my friends.  I have learned that talking it out is so much healthier than stuffing it in.

This summer, instead of covering up in baggy pedal pushers and a big T-shirt, I’ll be cooling off in shorts and a tank top!  I’ll complete my 5k!!

The truth is I just don’t have time to indulge you.  I’m too busy working on my blog to think about snacking.  So give it up and realize that you have almost become me – the thin me you always wished you could be.


Dear Thin Me,

Be patient with me, would you?  I know we’re halfway there and it’s very exciting.  But it’s also scary.  What if people start paying attention to me?  I hope you’re strong enough to handle it. Give me time to deal with my trust issues.  If we do this at a nice slow pace I think I can keep up.

Oh, and an update:  I am now down 23 pounds.  I am officially halfway toward my weight loss goal!!  Huzzah!!!